Ali Shatrieh

Ali Shatrieh

Possess 7+ years of hands-on experience in different fields and sectors in IT, Cyber Security, and Networking. Ali is a life hacker by nature, a certified ethical hacker, an IT engineer, and a coder by profession. Started his career at a very early age, Ali got involved in different sectors from marketing to support, going through management positions in different parts of the job, spread knowledge to colleagues and SMBs, while focus on programming and security.

Education & Certifications

  • EC-Council – Certified Ethical Hacker
  • University of Maryland College Park – Software Security speciality course
  • Tishreen University – Degree in Information Technology Engineering – Major in Systems and Networks
  • Technical Institute of Computer Science
  • System Operations team – ICPC / SCPC
  • Advanced Algorithms and Programming Coach – ICPC / SCPC
  • Secure Network Designer – Tishreen University
  • Algorithm and Programming Coach – Syrian Computer Society

Major Projects/ Role Handled:

  • Designed and secured a CAS appliance
  • Coded the core of a video streaming engine
  • Designed and secured interprise roaming wireless network over Tishreen university
  • Ran a second-hand electronic market
  • Co-writer of FaceDown script
  • Non-disclosed security pentesting projects


  • Swimming
  • Playing the piano
  • Playing basketball
  • Data and pattern analysis
  • Messing around with IoT devices