How to have a Crucial Conversations with your Boss

How to have a Crucial Conversations with your Boss

There are plenty of things that affect our working environment and not necessarily all of them are good. Some build us up, and some tear as down. But the call to action needs to be taken when the negative days start to overpower the positive ones. And usually, this is where people go in a limbo. Rather than discussing their problems with their team or their bosses, they choose to harbor their feelings and gulp down their issues which have disastrous consequences.

Then what needs to be done?

This is something which might vary according to people’s ability to hold a crucial conversation where stakes are high. It is indeed a tough decision to make. Actually, sitting down with your boss and discussing your problems with him/her? There are people who’d break into a sweat at that thought.

Are you one of them, too? Then keep on reading on.

Holding a tough conversation is an art, a skill that needs to be learned over the years. The art of making the other person see your side of the coin without making them lose the entire point of the meeting and focusing on you rather than the topic, a tough one to master. We all at some point suffer from confirmation bias, and conversations often bear the brunt of the same.

Then how do you make yourself heard, when you don’t know how to put yourself out there? A crucial conversation, as mentioned above, includes the high stakes which can make or break your personal/professional life in a jiffy. So the question arises, how to handle such conversations?  Here are some points which might prepare you for the same:

Do not let the conversation go off topic. Maintain your grip on how and why you’re experiencing this phenomenon in your life right now.

  • You can tell your boss that it is not something you can compromise on, and you need to call the shots when it comes to improving your career without hurting anyone or yourself.
  • You can also politely ask your Boss to help you overcome the issues that you’re facing in your job, be it an issue with the team or any personal grievance. However, if it is something that is related to the team, it would be better if you take it up with them first.
  • Don’t play the blame game. Be completely honest with what you have in your mind and let your Boss know that you are willing to work it out. If you are not, you need to make that clear as well.

Building a career is not as easy as it looks, it takes perseverance and grit to make it work when everything is falling apart. That is when one needs to decide, whether to stick to something they want to get done, or just walk away after a few attempts?

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