Why E-learning Is the Best Way Forward!

Why E-learning Is the Best Way Forward!

Did you know that you can train people faster and cheaper? Did you know that it is perfectly possible to increase learning capabilities of people without getting them to the classroom?
If you didn’t, you will now.

E-learning is coming up as one of the easiest ways to enhance the learning environment across the globe, and it is just a matter of time that the traditional method of learning is taken over by e-learning. People often ask, what is it that makes E-learning so viable that it stands out. The answer lies in a scrutiny of the benefits of E-learning and how it is carried out. It can be summarised a s follows:

1. E-Learning is cost effective

Via E-learning companies/ organizations cut down on their environment costs as they do not have to arrange for classes or traditional methods of teaching which include physical presence of students or teachers/trainers. For example, Compass Group whose program demonstrated an estimated cost reduction of £495k in 6 months because of cost cutting in accommodation, travel, time out of the business, external trainers or materials. (source: kineo.com)

2.E-Learning benefits learners

With e-learning, learners have the option to learn at their own convenience. Where most of the online courses are tagged as self-paced, it becomes easy for the learner to grasp the knowledge and information at their own pace which helps in better retention.

3.E-Learning ensures faster delivery

Due to less implementation time and costs, it becomes easy for trainers and learners both to wrap up sessions at their own convenience. It doesn’t take that much time to start or end a class, or travel time I spared. Such crucial aspects ensure faster delivery in the case of E-learning.

4.E-Learning helps transcend time and geography barriers

With E-Learning, whole new aspects of knowledge open up to their surroundings and people get the opportunity to engage with material form a completely different side of the world which enhances their worldview. It doesn’t matter if an Indian student wants to study about China’s Ming Dynasty, or an Australian wants to know more about how Abraham Lincoln grew up, or how neuroscience is making waves in the research field, it is all at the tip of people’s fingers.

With enhanced accessibility and greater retention, E-Learning is paving new ways of revolutionary change in the education, learning and development sector. This is only going to exceed as many third world countries with minimal to medium internet penetration are getting their hands on to internet gradually. With this, E-Learning is only likely to grow into new markets, globally.


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