Four Reasons Why You Should Train Your First-Time Managers Before They Become Managers!

Four Reasons Why You Should Train Your First-Time Managers Before They Become Managers!

Did you know, that 60% of the new managers fail in the first 24 months?

That most of new managers have no prior managing experience?

That with guided initiation, first-time managers can work wonders for their organizations?

With the generation that brought in ample of innovations and expansion in corporate culture retiring and leaving its way for the new blood to take over, leadership has become a very important aspect of the managers coming up to take the plunge. And why not, after all management is more about the people and less about the process.

That’s where the problem begins.

Many employees who are absolutely brilliant with the work they do, often have no clue about how to manage people or lead them. Most of them get into management roles without any proper leadership training whatsoever. And when they fail, they don’t know what hit them.

According to inputs given by certain noted giants in the field of not only corporate, but also fields like medicine, governance and the like, leadership is becoming increasingly important with the new generation taking up the bigger roles, and it is very crucial to prepare them for what they can expect and deliver. The most feasible an efficient way to make sure first time managers don’t fail, is to train them for their role. It is necessary for multiple reasons, a few being:

  1. It is cost effective: Training the first-time managers is cost effective because it helps them understand the concepts quickly and prepares them for their roles early. They don’t need to be replaced and take up work immediately so such losses are covered.
  2. Training helps them take challenges head-on: With proper training, FTMs understand the different ways to tackle a particular problem and it again helps with saving time, money and extra efforts.
  3. It makes managers people oriented: Leadership is all about people, and how to lead them to excellence and best results. First time managers usually get caught up with so much that they get overwhelmed and leading people becomes too much of a task for them. Training helps them cope with it.
  4. Trained FTMs help establish a better working culture: With the experience of training and a better understanding of people, First-time managers help establish a better work culture which is Above the line and not below the line.

Equipped with training like this, First time managers have a better chance of making sure they do a fantastic job and become coveted leaders.

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