Why Leaders Are Not Born, But Trained!

Why Leaders Are Not Born, But Trained!

There goes a popular fable, which talks about how once a monkey got to become the king of the jungle. The day that happened, everyone heaved a sigh of relief that now things might change. But the next day they found the monkey prancing around the jungle and jumping on tree tops. They wondered what is wrong, but said nothing thinking this might be the new way of doing things around. This went on for some time, the jungle was now a mayhem. Animals approached the monkey to ask why isn’t he doing anything, to which he replied, “Can’t you see I’m doing what I can?  Tell me if there’s something wrong with my efforts? I keep jumping around all the jungle for you people and this is how you talk to me?”

With this the monkey left everyone dumbstruck, and went away hopping on tree tops.

Moral of the story:  No matter how good you think your efforts are, in reality you might just be a monkey hopping on trees.

Nope, just kidding. The real lesson here is to understand that leading people is not an easy task, and understanding what you job entails is a tough thing to conquer. One might do all what they can to make things work, but that doesn’t mean it will succeed.  And that is exactly where it becomes crucial.  Leadership is not what we perceive it to be, it is what the people and the organization needs. People elevated from individual contributors’ role to team managers have hardly any experience in management, in the first go.

According to IBM’s Global Chief Executive Officer Study: 79 percent of CEOs say level of uncertainty and complexity will get even higher; less than half say they are prepared to manage it. Not just this, Forum VOC research states that twice as many business leaders say “the ability to lead change” is a top business challenge as compared with 2010. (Source: trainingindustry.com)

The highest echelons of power have seen a steep rise in the challenges of leadership with a rapidly growing diverse network to cater to. And unless this gap is bridged, organizations will keep stagnating. But how exactly are leaders trained?

Training an individual contributor includes giving them hands on experience and guidelines about how to do their work, and that is a task most people get off with pretty easily. Training leaders, however, entails a more complex job which needs careful execution as well as delivery. To go ahead with this task, there are training solutions available in the market which can steeply enhance the performance of new/ would be leaders. Training them how to motivate the team, solve interpersonal issues, not let people fall below the line et cetera is a task that every leader must master. Without this, it is but bleak to hope that leadership pipeline across organizations will ever see a vital change. And if it has to start, it needs to start now as now is the transition period where millennials are taking over the baby boomers and they are ready to take on more challenges head on.

In today’s time and age, leaders need to be trained to cater to the changing demands, and this scenario is not going to change anytime soon. The best we can do, is to prepare, so that when it hits us, we’re not left clueless.


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