Why Modern Leadership is So Hard?

Why Modern Leadership is So Hard?

Being a leader in today’s world, can feel almost impossible because it appears like you are being pulled in two broadly different directions. On one hand, many of the executives in the c-suite expect immediate results, i.e. short game. On the other hand, you have to play the long game, i.e. with your primary focus being the people whom you are leading. Not to mention you should cater to the wide-range of different generations and also display the leadership styles that each individual on the team needs to perform their best. It sometimes puts the modern professional leaders in a difficult situation and it’s hard to know which is the right way to follow.

Lead How You Authentically Lead or Lead How You are Being Told to Lead 

One of the recent survey showed that there are 2 Million new employees promoted into the leadership roles in each organizations every year.  However most of the 60% of them fail. Meaning that, 1.2M people fail every year at leadership roles. It’s astonishing to think about it and the effects are huge, which are:

  • Loss of confidence
  • Lack of work fulfilment
  • Eroding workplace culture

And the list could go on and on, so here are some of the suggestions you can do to avoid from becoming a statistic in the failure column:

Learn From Others, but Be Authentic:

SAP CEO, Bill McDermott on the Follow My Lead Podcast said something interesting. He said “At the end of the day, leaders should be authentic and the only way to do that is by learning from other great leaders and then learn lessons of your own.”  Regardless of what the leader above you is telling you (about hitting numbers) or giving up on a person early in their journey, whatever maybe, you have to do it your own way. Start making bets on people that you believe they will create long term growth, success, and improve your culture.

Invest in Your Development:

Don’t wait for the next corporate leadership training initiative or to pass another bookstore without picking up a book on leadership. Today’s professionals are in the golden age of education. To put this in viewpoint, blog writers post 1,400 blogs approx. and YouTube users upload 72 hours of content per minute.  Yes, I said A MINUTE.  Online programs, MOOCS, books, podcasts; the amount of valuable content is literally limitless. So make use of this content and start investing time and effort in this.

Get Really Good at Thinking of Others:

When you look at a picture on Facebook or Instagram, who is the first person who comes on display? Nearly 100% of the time it’s you.  We are hardwired to think about ourselves first, however it doesn’t have to stay like that always. You can train yourself to think of others first and put your own self-interests to the side.  I don’t say that this is easy, however in order to lead effectively; you absolutely have to think about your others (team) first and yourself second.

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