What is GROW® Model?

Alan Fine, John Whitmore, and Graham Alexander are three colleagues who developed the original GROW Model twenty-five years ago. The GROW Model is a simple abbreviation for the four stages of the decision making. It is considered to be a gold-standard framework for structuring coaching conversations, by most of the executive coaches worldwide.

GROW Model
The acronyms GROW signifies the four core components of the decision-making process:
G: The "Goal" the individual seeks to achieve
R: The "Realities" a person should consider in the context of the decision process
O: The "Options" open to the decision-maker
W: The "Way Forward" – a specific action plan that maximizes the precision and proactivity of the GROW Model

The Business Impact of the GROW Model

Over the past 20 years, Alan Fine and others have made significant improvements to the original GROW Model, and included the term “Way Forward” as the fourth and the last step in the process of GROW Model.

The GROW Model has evolved over the years, into a universally applicable model for both tapping and focusing the human potential. Tens of thousands of people around the world use this best-in-class performance model every year to develop professionally and personally.

Many of the Fortune 500 companies like Coca-Cola, IBM and Procter & Gamble tested their business with the GROW Model and found it is a powerful tool that enables both organizations and individuals to effectively make faster and more precise decisions, and sustain and increase performance.

The improved and enhanced GROW Model has been integrated into our training and coaching programs, application tools, job aids, and other content.

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The GROW conversation… It involved the whole office and allowed everyone’s ideas to be heard. It took a large and unwieldy topic and focused us on the goal.

– Darlene Card
Marketing Manager
Cure Media Group