InsideOut COACHING TM Manager-Led Coaching for Top Performance

We are pleased to inform that BYLD is organizing a workshop on “InsideOut COACHING™ ” from 21st- 23rd  November, 2018 in  Bangalore. The Performance coaching workshop shall be facilitated by the Master Facilitator of “InsideOut Coaching™ “.

Some of the top coaches use InsideOut™ Approach because it:

  • Accelerates Decision Making Capability
  • Boost accountability significantly
  • Communicate Feedback quickly and effectively
  • Helps individuals & teams become measurably more effective

Organizations that are highly effective at coaching are 30% more likely to have strong business results, they also enjoy 42% higher employee productivity.

Workshop details:

One day session: 21st November, 2018 in  Bangalore

  • Recommended for Leader/managers who want to coach team members/people to drive performance and enhance productivity

Three days TTT session: 21st to 23rd November, 2018 in  Bangalore

  • Sr. Leaders/HR responsible to drive a culture of Coaching Culture within the organization