Strategic & Operational HR

Capabilities In Strategic & Operational HR

Organizational Culture Building

Build an organizational DNA where people take better accountability, dialogue around disagreements that drives engagement and performance.

HR Systems & Processes

Set up HR Systems, Processes & Policies that are aligned to current and future growth needs &  in line with company values.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Gives flexibility to scale up the organization as per changing business needs.

Visioning & Organization Structure

Facilitating organizations in establishing  vision & clarity for next 3-5 years and create an aligned  people framework & organization structure.

HR Outsourcing

A Fully operational  internal HR department that brings an expert approach to cater to the needs of human resources in line with company’s VMV.

Compensation and benefits

Assist client’s  to establish ‘compensation strategy’ as one of their key differentiator in employee engagement, talent retention, and group performance in line with Industry, competence and Performance.

Performance Management

Build Scalable Performance Management Systems as a critical tool to add value to individual & organization and create an ecosystem of Performance.

Change Management

Strategize and execute plans based on proven research based processes to handle persistent, resistant and profound change problems stalling the organizational growth.

Customized HR Technology Solutions

Customized HR technology solutions helps in hiring right candidates, decreasing the hiring time. Our innovative performance tracking systems help you to use your FOS to their optimum level.