Suneet Malhotra

Key Organization

Ground Strategy Consulting

Digitax S.P.A

Digital Dispatch (TSX: DD)

TATA Communications

Area of Expertise

Business Development

Market Entry Specialist

Strategic Account Mgmt.

Suneet Malhotra

I spent little more than a decade in creating value for my foreign employers and customers in India. My job entailed assessing and planning for establishing & growing in the Indian market & was fortunate to even create a support office. The learning continued & I saw almost all stages of the business life-cycle & disruptive technologies made us move back. With all the ground experience I started Ground Strategy Consulting to help more companies realize the true potential of India market.

With clear understanding of the Technology Business Industry & with the capacity to identify & align client’s emerging needs with domestic businesses, I am also a founder of a social enterprise committed to address few social issues.

With 17 yrs of experience with a successful and diverse background spanning Market Assessment, Business Strategy, Technical Aptitude, Operational Management, Service Delivery and most important Business Development disciplines. With relationships with stakeholders and executing business strategies I have worked with teams from different countries which enhanced my cultural quotient. I have teamed-up & worked with businesses in Australia, Canada, Italy, Singapore, Dubai, Sri Lanka & USA. I have also been instrumental in taking forward the legacy of organising training workshops for over 200+ companies & its workforce. Currently representing an Invention in Drinking water space from India and representing manufacturer of 3D Printers from Europe and helping Indians in choose their  EB5 route from India.

Education & Certifications

  • B. Com Pass Delhi University
  • PGDBM, FORE School of Management

Major Projects

  • Market Entry, Business Development at Digital Dispatch India Pvt. Ltd
  • Hunter and Farmer Roles at Digitax S.P.A


  • Travelling
  • Car Clubs
  • Volunteer Services